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What our clients say about 4thru2

I am thankful for the technical support 4thru2 has provided. Your ability to work through computer and network issues either with a phone conversation or remote support has been invaluable for us. This has allowed us to keep our computers up to date and functioning properly with little or no working down time, brilliant! Your knowledge of computer issues and the solutions you have provided, make using your expertise a “no brainer”. I can recommend 4thru2 without hesitation.

- Lael, Operations Manager, Character Homes Ltd

School environments place unique demands on IT systems that are not common in many other organizations. 4thru2 have a firm grasp of these demands and provide well thought through and effective solutions. They have an excellent knowledge of all aspects of the IT industry from server maintenance and desktop support through to switches and networking infrastructure.

I have worked closely with 4thru2, managing the significant change of switching a school from a Windows to Mac environment. Their work in the Apple ecosystem is exceptional and led to commendations from industry representatives. 4thru2's approach is always founded on the principles of 'best practice' and this has lead to stable and reliable systems for student learning. I cannot recommend the work of 4thru2 highly enough.

- Daryl Warburton, Assistant Principal at Horowhenua College

4thru2 has been so valuable in regards to support and finding solutions to IT problems. As an Apple specialist 4thru2 has superior knowledge and understanding of Mac and IOS products and devices, not only that they also educate you to manage your devices quickly and effectively without the headache. Also their can do attitude is not only uplifting but contagious.

- Caleb Kingi, Director of Lamp Studios


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