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Tailor made to meet your IT solutions

4thru2 maintains all you need from little problems to the amounting ones in your back yard.

Apple Technology Support

As a company we are experts in the support of Apple technology. This includes Apple servers, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad and iPod support. From the setup right through to the use of software and maintenance we can help you each step of the way.

  1. a. OS X is what we use and maintain on a daily basis. 4thru2.com is able to get your Apple computer up and going very quickly through using the superior tools that come standard with any Mac server installation. We can upgrade or reinstall your iMac or Laptop quickly using imaging software that will save hours of work and more importantly for you, money.
  2. b. Mac Servers. OS X Server has more uses than you may think of traditionally. These uses include webmail, wikis and blogging, iOS device management, MacBook and iMac management, web serving and lots more.
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